Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Two days down, 183 to go! I'm not actually counting the days until the end of the year but I do know that in 22 days we have Columbus Day off. The first day went well. We have a nice class of 20 students (low for a change) but the boy/girl ratio is off, 13 Boys and 7 girls. That's okay by me. Having 2 boys of my own I'm used to dealing with them and even though I'm a female, girls sometimes are a mystery to me. I don't remember being like that although I must have been. Girls seem to be meaner, they can socially isolate others and can be louder than boys.

My special ed students seem nice but as it often goes, the regular ed students can be more of a handfull. I know at least 2 that will push my buttons. It's harder for me to deal with that because the others have reasons as to why they do what they do or why they learn differently. I can accept that. Some kids are just, to put it bluntly; annoying. I'm not a proponate of home schooling. In my opinion every child I have met that has been home schooled is socially inept. When it's just the child and parent (or whom ever teaches you) the child has no interaction with other children. They don't seem to learn any social skills like how to be a friend to others, when not to blurt out, they think the classroom revolves around them and seem to be less mature than their peers. I will just try to give him some extra attention and help him to grow emotionally and socially. We'll see...