Saturday, June 17, 2006

Out and About

Hello again. I did a post already today but after being out running errands today I had to do another. So we are driving down to Home Depot and see this car in front of us. I enjoy reading other people's bumper sticker. They can be pretty funny or serious but I think if you put one on your car it you should more or less believe it or practice it. Click on the picture below to enlarge to read her sticker. It says, "Park your phonebooth and try driving your car"
I can agree with that one. So many people are chatting away while driving, how can they be devoting their attention to other cars and people on the road? In my state you can be ticketed for doing both at the same time. Now look at the lower picture and check out the driver.
WTF! She's on the phone!

Anyway, so much for that. I will say that I hate bumper stickers that are mean, disrespectful or down right nasty to people. For example, several weeks back while on a weekend trip we saw a B.S. on a pick up truck that said, "Aids Cures Fags" It actually made me gasp when I saw it. Had the owner been there I don't know if I could have kept my mouth shut. I am not gay nor am I homophobic. What I am is non-judgmental. Black, white, yellow, straight, gay, American, French, Puerto Rican, what ever color, ethnicity, religion, nationality, we all belong to one race, the Human Race. The world could be a free, peaceful place if we could all accept each other for what we are and not force our wants and beliefs on each other. Now, gman, I know we have had this discussion (debate) before and I understand how you can say that it would never happen. There will always be wars. Civilizations will always try to take other's land or want to impose their religion on others. There will always be nut case extreamists to terrorize the world but if people would just accecpt that we all don't have to agree on who's religion is the best or be happy with the land we have or keep out of others business, the world would be a better place. Every nation needs to take care of their own first, mine included. I'm all for lending a hand to others in need, to poor nations that due to location can't grow crops or may be oppressed by another or experience a natural disaster. I would just like to see some of that seemingly endless supply of money spent here, in the good old U.S.A. more often. And on that note; shame on those in the areas that were devistated by Katrina for using the money given to them to survive to buy plasma tvs and trips etc. Wow, all of this from a bumper sticker. Sometimes my thoughts start running and this is what happens!


Anonymous said...

That's my Summer....always the gabber. She always has an opinion about something. To know her is to love her and for those that have had to privilege to do so, do indeed love her!! Yeah, that bumper sticker was funny, but what's perhaps just as funny is how we almost got into 3 accidents trying to get that photo!! LOL.


Dwight said...


Just wanted to say how nice it is to get to know more than just your feet!! I always knew there was a very special person there from our chats and emails, so I'm glad to see you sharing more of yourself with all of us!!