Sunday, January 24, 2010

He's Baaaaaaack...

to college that is.We returned our youngest to school today for his second semester of his sophomore year and it's always bittersweet for me. I always feel like a little piece of me has broken away and left an empty space. I love having him home and this last break I really saw a change in him. He's grown so much, not physically, he's actually lost weight and is down to a size 30 waist, but intellectually. He's matured and has his own thoughts and ideas. We've had several somewhat heated debates while he's been home the last five weeks.
From prison reform to should juveniles be given life in prison sentences to equality and discrimination in the United States. I see the joie de vevre in him. The activist in him. The youthful hopefulness for the future. I see that my influence has come to fuition. He is his own person, individual, responsible, an independant thinker and a leader. Some of our discussions have been heated at times. For the first time I saw myself as being the older generation. He's young and has the world before him. I'm older and have seen much over the years. I see things that have changed but not for the good. He's young and wants to save the world and thinks his generation can. Maybe they can, I thought mine would. He is so right about one thing, the root of most of America's trouble is the scourge of drugs. They're behind the downfall of so many things in our civilization from crime to over crowed prisons to the break up of families and so much more. Maybe this generation can be the one to over come so many social ills. I can only hope and if they can, my son will be part of it.